5 Christmas Security Tips for Your Business 

Posted in Access Systems CCTV Commercial Security Intruder Alarms on 17 December 2020

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Leaving your business unstaffed over Christmas is unavoidable – but could also leave your premises vulnerable to break-ins. 

Or perhaps your business will remain mostly open, but you’re still concerned about the annual rise in Christmas-time crime? 

Luckily, getting yourself familiar with a few key security tips in time for the festive season can ensure your premises stay safe over the holidays. In this article, we’ll cover how to protect your business over Christmas and New Year – these tips can also be useful for home security, too.

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Why Is Security Important?

The Christmas period has long been associated with a rise in crime, and this includes robberies. Trends have shown a consistent increase over the past few years of burglaries and break-ins to homes and businesses alike, and so there’s never been a more important time to protect your premises. 


The first tip is to discourage would-be thieves from trespassing in the first place. It’s thought the mere presence of CCTV cameras, along with their obligatory warning signs, is often enough to stave off break-in attempts. Not only that, but CCTV cameras are essential pieces of equipment for tracking the comings and goings of your premises when you’re present – and when you’re not. Professional security companies, such as Fire Action, can pinpoint weak areas of your premises and position cameras accordingly, based on your needs. 

Another deterrent is fencing and railings coated in anti-climb paint. If using this paint, you are legally obliged to erect warning signs – which once again can serve as a deterrent. 

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Lock Valuables out of Sight

Make sure valuable items are placed out of sight. All it takes is for someone to peer in through the window and see your most prized possessions in plain view, which may end up enticing them in. If you can, lock away as many of these valuable items as you can in storage cupboards or storage facilities. If this isn’t possible, then hide or cover the equipment as much as you can, or keep blinds, curtains and shutters drawn at all times. 

Test Your Alarms

It’s all too easy to forget to test your intruder alarms, but it’s definitely wise to evaluate their performance before the Christmas and New Year period begins to make sure they are working as they should. 

If you don’t already have intruder alarms, strongly consider getting them installed as soon as possible. As a security essential for any business, they provide an early warning system which alerts you to break-ins as they happen – meaning you stand a better chance of bringing the culprits to justice or even stopping them in their tracks. Here at Fire Action, we provide comprehensive intruder alarm packages as a cost-effective solution for businesses to cover all elements of an alarm system in one bundle. 

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Do a Final Sweep of Locks

This may seem like an obvious one, but locks can still be missed in your hurry to leave for the holidays. Make sure you sweep over all doors, windows, shutters and grilles, ensuring they are all shut and securely locked up before the last person leaves the building. 

Know Your Staff Movements

If there is going to be some staff activity over the Christmas period, then make sure everyone is fully aware of who will be on-site, when and for how long. Being unfamiliar with this knowledge can lead to false alarms, wasting both your time and the valuable time of the emergency services. 

A perfect way to track who leaves and enters your building is by installing access control systems, whether that’s biometric systems, fobs, keypads, or other methods. Not only do some of these methods allow you to see who is in the building and when, but it’s also a basic security protocol to prevent unauthorised people from accessing your premises. 

Keep your home and business safe 24/7. Here at Fire Action, we provide CCTV, CCTV packages, intruder alarm systems, intruder alarm packages & access control systems to enhance the security of your premises. With 20 years’ experience as a fully accredited and insured company, you can trust in our experts to find a bespoke security solution to suit your site. We’re proud to serve homes and businesses across the South East, including Kent and Bromley – simply get in touch to discover more.

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