Biometric Access Systems – How Can They Benefit Your Business? 

Posted in Access Systems Commercial Security Intruder Alarms on 17 January 2020

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Fingerprint scanners and face recognition may seem like the world of James Bond, but this technology is more widely used than you might think. Many businesses and premises are now using this infallible form of access control to enhance the security and safety of their premises. The popularity of biometric access systems is only growing – and for good reason, thanks to the fact that it’s virtually impossible to dupe. 

So, exactly how can biometric access systems benefit your business, and what are they? 

What are Biometric Access Systems? 

Biometric access systems scan somebody’s individual biological traits to grant them access to a premises, or a specific area of a premises. Fingerprint scanners are the most common type of biometric system, followed by facial recognition. Less commonly used traits for access control include iris recognition, hand geometry, voice recognition, DNA matching, and ear shape. 

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Biometric access systems

What are the Applications of Biometric Access Systems? 

Biometrics can benefit any place that requires a highly secure environment where only authorised personnel should have access. This can include office buildings, warehouses, military areas, residential complexes, science labs, and much more. They can also be used by employers to track attendance and time spent in certain areas of the premises. 

What are the Benefits of Biometric Access Systems? 

  • Highly secure: Alternatives to biometric systems include fob entry and passcodes. Users can lose or lend fobs, and likewise, tell other people codes. These are rare occasions, and while these methods are generally very secure, they are not infallible in the same way that biometrics are. Your fingerprint is your own, as is your face, and this system ensures that an authorised person – and only an authorised person – will have access to certain premises and areas. This boosts security and reduces the likelihood of security breaches, safeguarding employees, visitors, and assets. 
  • Impossible to fool: Due to this highly individualised technique, there is no way to fool a biometric access system. You can’t steal or borrow someone’s face or fingerprint, and therefore, entry is denied to anyone attempting to dupe the system.  
  • Easy and convenient: Biometric systems can identify individuals quickly and easily, meaning that nobody has to remember any passwords, codes or fobs – and managers don’t have to remember to regularly change passwords and codes. This makes the process truly convenient for employees and employers alike. 
  • Keeping track of dates and times: Like with most access control systems, it’s easy to record and track exactly which individuals are accessing buildings and areas, and when. Thanks to the reliable nature of biometrics, the recorded information will, therefore, be 100% accurate. This can assist with attendance and monitoring purposes. 


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