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Posted in Checklists on 1 March 2018

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Whether you’re protecting your family or employees, fire safety is important in any and all settings. Learning why fire safety is vital, and what you can do to enforce it within your home and business, is a subject that everyone should familiarise themselves with.

Here at Fire Action, we’ve spent 17 years providing premier fire safety equipment and training, and we’re eager to pass on our knowledge to the wider public. That’s why we’ve put together these simple, handy checklists to help you improve fire safety in the workplace and at home.

What Is a Fire Safety Checklist?

A fire safety checklist assists employers and homeowners to conduct fire risk assessments, and to maintain fire safety standards on their premises. These checklists ensure that every aspect of fire safety is monitored, assessed and corrected if required.

Following these simple, regular checks can mean the difference between life and death, and ensures the utmost safety of the building, the occupants, and the livelihood of employees or residents.

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Below you can find two easy-to-follow checklists, tailored specifically at homeowners and business owners:

Home Fire Safety Checklist

Unfortunately, it’s common for people to neglect the fire safety of their own homes. The truth is – fire incidents can wreak havoc on a property and cause injury to your nearest and dearest. Luckily, with a few quick checks every now and then, you can make sure your home is as fire-safe as possible.

This checklist should also help offer some valuable home fire safety tips, and guidance on how to look after your home fire safety equipment:


  • Invest in a fire extinguisher that is suitable for a kitchen environment
  • Regularly clean ovens, microwaves and stoves
  • Ensure that no flammable items are housed near hot surfaces
  • Make sure appliance cords are not left trailing or dangling

Living Room

  • Keep fireplaces clear of debris and dirt
  • Ensure any candles are out of reach of children, flammable materials and plants


  • Ensure entrances to children’s bedrooms are clear of toys that could hinder exit
  • Don’t overload outlets with too many plugs


  • Test all smoke alarms regularly, and ensure your children can recognise the sound it makes and what it means
  • Pick a safe place for the family to meet in the event of a fire
  • Conduct a family fire drill at least once a year

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Workplace Fire Safety Checklist

Do you know what to do if there’s a fire in the workplace? It’s the job of your employers and designated fire wardens to make this clear to rest of the employees.

If you’re an owner of a commercial business or property, use the following handy checklist to ensure everything necessary is in place.

Alarm Systems

  • Install a fire detection and alarm system that is suitable for your size of establishment
  • Ensure that weekly alarm tests are conducted, along with bi-annual fire drills

Fire Wardens and Procedures

  • Draw up fire safety procedures and make sure they are regularly updated
  • Remember to take into account number of employees, visitors and people with disabilities, when designing escape routes and plans
  • Designate the role of fire warden to one or more employees, ensuring they receive specialist training
  • Ensure fire wardens run frequent checks of equipment and update the log book

Fire Safety Equipment

  • Purchase an adequate number of fire extinguishers of the correct types, and position them appropriately
  • Ensure emergency lighting and signage is installed suitably and frequently-maintained
  • Monitor fire doors and check they are always kept closed and obstruction-free
  • Place evacuation plans in prominent places


  • Check and maintain your electrical system regularly to apprehend faults before they become a problem
  • Store combustible materials away safely in well-ventilated areas

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Fire Safety Checklist Template (PDF Download)

A checklist is an effective tool to help ensure that you don’t forget any part of your fire safety.

It is easy to forget even simple steps, which could be very damaging to a business and it’s employees in the event of a fire.

Download our handy fire safety home checklist or workplace checklist, ready to print and use in your home or business.



Fire Action are superior suppliers of fire safety equipment, alarm systems and fire warden training, and operate across the Kent region. Established in 2001, we’ve committed ourselves to delivering the highest quality standards of product and service. Get in touch today to chat to our experts – we’re happy to answer any enquiry.

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