What is the Fire Tetrahedron?

Posted in Fire Wardens on 12 March 2018

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The fire tetrahedron is a geometric representation of the four factors necessary for igniting and sustaining a fire:

What is the Fire Tetrahedron?

  • Fuel – any substance that can combust
  • Heat – heat energy sufficient to cause ignition
  • Oxidizing agent – air containing oxygen
  • Chemical chain reaction – sufficient reaction energy to produce ignition

Fire Tetrahedron Explained

The fire tetrahedron is a slightly more complex model to describe the components needed to ignite and sustain a fire.

It includes the three components covered in the fire triangle, with the addition of a chemical chain reaction. This model is simply adding another dimension onto the traditional fire triangle model by treating the chemical reaction as its own separate component.

Some fire extinguishers work by applying extinguishing agents to the fire to inhibit the chemical reaction on a molecular level.



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