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Posted in Checklists Fire Wardens on 1 March 2018

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Everyone in your company must be 100% clear on fire warden responsibilities – not just the fire warden themselves. Fire can destroy lives and livelihoods, especially when they occur in a workplace.

Whether you’re a fire warden yourself, or want to learn more about their vital roles, we’ve put together this fire warden checklist to ensure you’re up to date with their full roles and responsibilities.

What Is a Fire Warden?

A fire warden is someone within an organisation who has been assigned responsibilities for assisting with the creation and conduction of fire safety procedures within that organisation. Legally, a company must select at least one designated person to be a fire warden, and this number should increase depending on the total number of employees.

Responsibilities can include – but are not limited to:

  • Developing the fire evacuation plan
  • Ensuring the good condition of fire safety equipment
  • Conducting fire risk assessments
  • Assisting with evacuation/fire fighting
  • Carrying out fire drills
  • Assessing company fire practices

Training will prepare potential fire wardens for their upcoming role.

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Fire Warden Checklist

Fire wardens (or fire marshals) will benefit from daily and weekly checklists to ensure that nothing is overlooked when carrying out your fire warden duties and responsibilities. These checklists may need to be altered depending on the specific needs of your workplace.

Daily Checks

  • Is all fire safety equipment present and positioned correctly?
  • Is the alarm system operational?
  • Are all fire exit routes unobstructed and debris-free?
  • Are all fire doors closed?
  • Have all identified issues been recorded in the log book and reported to relevant persons?

Weekly Checks

  • Are the fire doors in good condition, including all strips, closers, push pads, and push bars?
  • Are the fire doors and escape routes unobstructed, hazard-free and clear of combustible materials?
  • Are light fittings in good condition?
  • Have you sounded the fire alarm at the designated weekly time, making sure to rotate between call points each week?
  • Are all components of the fire alarm system undamaged, in position and uncovered?
  • Have you checked the emergency lighting to ensure it is operating correctly?
  • Have you ensured all signage is in position, undamaged, illuminated (if applicable), and readable?
  • Have you made sure all fire safety equipment, fire hoses and fire extinguishers are in position, undamaged, accessible? Are all tamper tags intact?
  • Is the fire logbook/procedure up-to-date?

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Fire Warden Checklist Template (PDF Download)

A checklist is an effective tool to help ensure that fire wardens don’t forget their duties.

It is easy to forget even simple steps, which could be very damaging to a business and it’s employees in the event of a fire.

Click here to download our handy PDF checklist, ready to use during your duties as a fire warden.

Need professional fire warden training in the Kent area? Look no further than Fire Action. We have 17 years’ experience at offering comprehensive fire warden training to both commercial and industrial clients. Certificates will be awarded upon completion of the course. Please get in touch with our friendly team to find out more.

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