Pet Fire Safety: Fire Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Posted in Fire Safety on 3 October 2018

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It is a sad fact, widely reported, that around 40,000 pets die each year in house fires. Even more worrying, almost 1000 fires each year are caused by pets themselves! Cherished and adored by their owners, pets are part of the family – so, make sure you pay as much attention to protecting your pets’ wellbeing as you do the human members of the household.

Keep your furry friends safe and well with the following fire safety tips for pets.

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Preventing Fires and Protecting Pets

Prevention is better than a cure. Look around your home and identify potential scenarios that could cause your pet to start a fire, taking steps to correct them.

  • Extinguish Open Flames: The curious nature of pets may draw them to open flames, such as candles, fireplaces or other lit decoration. Either replace these with artificial varieties, or ensure that you don’t leave pets unattended around open flames – and as a basic fire safety precaution, always put out flames before exiting a house.
  • Pet-Proof the House: Identify areas of danger where your pet could encounter trouble or potentially start a fire. Putting up grates or gates, a bit like baby-proofing fixtures, is a handy way of creating a safety barrier between your pet and a hazardous zone.
  • Enhance the Safety of Your Cooker: If your pet likes to explore and bound around worktops and kitchen areas, this could lead to a stove knob being knocked or accidentally turned on. Find a way of locking these knobs in place, or protecting them from the reach of your pets.
  • Beware of Glass Water Bowls: When sunlight filters through a glass water bowl, it can ignite anything wooden below it. Either keep your glass bowls out of sunlit areas, or opt for a different type of bowl material.  
  • Make Safe Electrical Cords: If your furry friend likes to use electrical wires as a chew toy, bind the wires and keep them out of your pets’ reach.
  • Create a Fire Evacuation Plan: Knowing exactly what action you will take should a fire break out could mean the difference between your pet’s life and death. If possible, assign a member of the family to each pet – but warn them to never jeopardise their own safety to rescue a pet.

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Combating Fires When Pets are Involved

Despite your best efforts, if a fire still occurs in your property then draw up an action plan on how best to aid your pet in this difficult situation.

  • Collar Your Pet: Ensure your pet is wearing a nametag on their person, with your contact details – remember to list your mobile number, as your home phone could be out of action after the fire. If your animal becomes separated from you during a fire, a reunion will be swifter and more likely if it’s carrying your contact details.
  • Decide Where Your Pet Will Lodge: With its home temporarily unsafe to stay in, pets who have experienced a fire will need somewhere to live while they’re in limbo. This could be with family, friends, a local shelter, or a professional pet hotel or sitter. Wherever you choose as a refuge point for your pets, inform that place or person of the arrangement’s nature.
  • Pack an Emergency Kit: In the event of a fire, where quick exit is necessary, pack an emergency pet care kit and place it next to the door for easy-access. This kit should contain enough supplies to look after your pet for 7 days. Items can include food, medicines, medical records, leads, bedding etc.
  • Place an Alert Sticker In the Window: Window stickers can alert the emergency services to the presence of pets in the home so they are aware when carrying out the rescue.

Here at Fire Action, we make homes safe across Kent with our high quality fire safety equipment – including extinguishers, alarms, and signage. We are committed to keeping you and your family safe – including your pets. Get in touch today for a free quote or survey – we provide 24/7 emergency callout.

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