Stay One Step Ahead – Know Your Business’s Security Weak Spots

Posted in Access Systems Commercial Security on 29 June 2020

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As a small or medium business, the last thing you need is to have your premises attacked by vandals or to have it broken into. Your business relies on a steady operation, allowing you to make a clear picture for future business – but all of this is thrown into jeopardy if your security is compromised.

The best way to combat this risk is to stay one step ahead and know your business’s security weak spots. This month, at Fire Action, we’ll take you through some of the more common weak spots for small to medium businesses, with recommendations on how to remedy them and tighten up security.


An obvious entry point for thieves and vandals, your doors should be of the highest possible standard. Likewise, you should have a strict policy with staff about any doors which need to remain locked. If you can install CCTV nearby, this might deter would-be criminals from taking the chance, plus, any who do will run the risk of being easily identified from the footage.


  • Install a well-manufactured door with good locks
  • Add CCTV coverage of doors
  • Install door entry systems
  • Install a door contact as part of an Intruder Alarm Installation


Going one step further to attempt a break-in, thieves might use windows as points of entry – especially if they’re left open or if they have vulnerable spots which could be exploited or damaged. You can get improved locking mechanisms and even grills or shutters for windows depending on the type of business you have. This allows you to keep things locked up tight when you’re not open. Again, CCTV will make criminals think twice before choosing to target your business.


  • Install grills or shutters
  • Add CCTV coverage of windows or shop fronts
  • Install a well-manufactured window frame with good locks
  • Install a window contact/shock sensor as part of an Intruder Alarm Installation


In the 21st Century, businesses aren’t just at risk from physical threats. Threats also exist online in relation to data and privacy. If your business uses WiFi – even if it’s just a staff perk – make sure you have a secure, private connection which is password protected.


  • Keep your router in a secure location
  • Change passwords regularly or any time a staff member leaves the company
  • Use WPA2 – protecting access to your WiFi

Secure Access

Is yours the type of business where you need to secure certain parts of your building? Or do you simply want to protect against strangers wandering in and out at any time of the day or night? With access control systems, you can limit access to certain people and log who is coming and going. This helps you to safeguard your business and offers a professional look to operations when hosting visitors.


  • Install door entry systems
  • Use advances in technology like biometric access
  • Log visitors and be clear about who has access to which areas

Stock & Cash Checks

It’s not just thieves and vandals you need to look out for, unfortunately, your own staff can sometimes be the ones attacking your business. It’s never nice to be overly suspicious or target people without evidence, so introduce a fair and efficient till checking system and have stock levels checked regularly. If you find discrepancies you could then consult CCTV as part of your investigation.


  • Install CCTV over tills and in stock rooms
  • Install door entry/access control systems to log staff entry to the premises, and their movements in and out of stock rooms

Shred Your Paperwork

Physical paperwork is a goldmine for criminals. It’s an old-shool method of attacking your business, but identity theft and other crimes where ill-gotten information still exists could cripple your business. It’s a very easy problem to solve though – invest in a quality shredding machine.


  • Invest in a paper shredder

If you’re an SME and you’d like to discuss Access Control Systems, Intruder Alarm Systems or CCTV Systems to protect your business, look no further than Fire Action. We operate across Sidcup, Bromley, Sevenoaks, Maidstone, Kent, and all over South East England. Our technical experts will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide guidance on the right systems to suit your business, whatever the industry. Call today for a consultation or for more details.

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