What does BAFE accreditation mean?

Posted in Commercial Fire Fire Alarms Fire Safety on 19 January 2022

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If you’re seeking a fire safety expert for your business, you’ll need to make sure they have earned a BAFE accreditation – the hallmark of quality and competency for the industry.
But what exactly is a BAFE accreditation? And why is it so important for a fire safety company to have one?

Who are BAFE?

BAFE stands for the British Approvals of Fire Excellence. Their purpose is to independently verify UK fire safety companies to ensure they are meeting expected standards. They develop and review Third-Party Certification Schemes to assess fire safety companies can meet and display this criteria.

In summary, BAFE is committed to developing, maintaining and promoting Third-Party Certification Schemes for the fire safety industry.

What is BAFE accreditation?

An accreditation from BAFE means that a fire safety organisation has successfully met and demonstrated BAFE’s criteria for safety and quality. Therefore, a BAFE accreditation is a reassurance to consumers that by using an accredited fire safety company, their own fire safety obligations and responsibilities will be met.

Here at Fire Action, we are on their register for fire extinguishers and fire alarm systems, specifically for the installation, repair and maintenance of them.

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How do BAFE assess companies?

BAFE carry out independent assessments of companies to ensure they are providing evidence of expected competencies to deliver certain fire safety services to expected standards. These assessments are carried out by UKAS Accredited Certification Bodies, licensed by BAFE.

The evaluators use criteria from schemes that have been developed by BAFE and are based on high industry standards and best practices – this way, any company meeting the criteria will have shown evidence of their compliance and competency.

Why should I choose to work with a BAFE-accredited company?

There are many benefits of working with a BAFE-accredited company such as Fire Action. This includes:

  • Independently assessed
  • Assurance of safety and quality
  • Benefit from a company who have evidenced key competencies
  • Total confidence that you’re meeting high industry standards
  • BAFE regularly reviews standards to move with the times
  • Easy to find your local BAFE-accredited company

How do I verify that a company is accredited by BAFE?

It couldn’t be more simple to find your local BAFE-accredited fire safety company. For example, here at Fire Action, we serve the South East area including Kent, Bromley and Sidcup. To establish who your local experts are, use the search tool on BAFE’s website.

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Looking for fire safety products and services from a BAFE-accredited company? Here at Fire Action, we are fully accredited to provide industry-standard fire safety solutions for your business. Our services include the installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers, along with delivery of fire safety training to your employees. Fire Action is accredited for fire alarms – design, installation, commissioning/handover and maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems. Get in touch to find out how we can help your Kent business.

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