8 Tips for Office Security During COVID-19

Posted in Access Systems CCTV Commercial Security Intruder Alarms on 8 February 2021

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COVID-19 has meant that offices across the country are lying empty – leaving them as prime targets for would-be intruders. While you may have other priorities at the moment, don’t let your office security fall by the wayside. Empty or not, there are still assets to protect and keep safe, ready for when your workforce comes back.  In this article, we’ll take you through some coronavirus office security tips to keep your premises secure – regardless of whether it has a skeleton crew or is totally empty. 

How to Make Your Empty Office More Secure

Re-evaluate Your Security

An empty premises is actually prime time to reassess and improve office security, as you don’t have the comings and goings of visitors to contend with. Consider if there are any new security challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic, or just critically assess if any areas of your security are lacking. You may wish to do this yourself or have an independent security consultant advise you. 

Keep up with Maintenance

Whether it’s intruder alarms, access control systems or CCTV cameras, it’s still important to regularly check their quality – this should be done by a trained company. Ultimately, your office is still at risk of break-in, especially in its vacated state. As such, it’s important to make sure that all systems are operating as they should to minimise this risk. Also, it ensures that everything is in top working order for when your staff finally do return. 

Visit Your Site at Least Once a Week

Ideally somebody should pay your office a visit at least once a week to ensure everything is in order – and also to check that your building doesn’t appear too empty to outsiders. These visits may involve looking out for any damage to property, leaks, and to deal with any post build-up or stock deliveries. These checks are important for both security and fire safety purposes. 

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CCTV Is Your Friend

With nobody there to watch your empty premises, CCTV cameras can be your eyes at your office. Not only do CCTV cameras monitor the comings and goings of your premises, collecting vital evidence if somebody unauthorised were to enter, but their very presence is enough to deter many would-be intruders. Simply put, a few well-placed CCTV cameras can really make a big difference to your office security. 

Secure Your Valuables

While it may not be possible to secure every single PC in an enormous office, you should do your best to lock away or hide any equipment to make it difficult to access should any unauthorised person enter your building.

Ensure Your Insurance Is in Order

Make sure details such as your insurance policy are not pushed onto the back burner. It’s more important than ever to ensure that your building is covered by the appropriate policies, and that nothing is out of date. 

Protect Against Arson

Make your premises as arson-safe as possible by ensuring that stock and waste do not pile up. Security and fire safety go hand-in-hand, both there to protect your assets. It’s also incredibly important to fulfil your legal obligations when it comes to fire safety, despite the vacated state of your premises. For more details, read last month’s article to find out how to protect the fire safety of your office while it’s partially staffed or empty.  

Upgrade Your Security System

With the office free of staff and visitors, now could be the best time to upgrade your security system with extra or better cameras, access control systems, alarms and other methods of protection. A fire and security specialist, such as Fire Action, can advise on security systems to suit your premises along with expertly installing and maintaining them. 

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